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Dinner party

Claudia, Dash

Dinner party
Dinner party

03. 7. 2021 20:00

Praha 7, Letenské sady Praha 7, 170 00 Praha 7, Česko

Americká  umělkyně Judy Chicago vytvořila na konci 70. let ikonickou instalaci  „The Dinner Party“, která ostře kritizovala tendence společnosti ženám  upírat jejich nezastupitelné místo v umění, kultuře a dějinách obecně.  Na jejich počest jsme se rozhodli uspořádat stejnojmennou sérii  hudebních večírků, kdy za naším skromným DJ pultem budou vystupovat  výhradně ženy. Díky jim a díky vám všem. Rave on



Based  in Prague is an expert in seeting deep and hypnotic mood on the  dancefloor. Her music is inspired by tribal, natural and shamanic  elements. This talented dj is well known not only in the Czech Republic  but also abroad, as evidenced by a large number of bookings in Berlin.  She also works with her own sounds and  started to play hybrid live/dj  sets with other components, such as kalimba. With her calm style she is  guiding through groovy experimental techno, minimal and ambient.



Claudia’s  attentive ears started scrutinizing every corner of the local scene and  pushing it forward ever since moving to Prague a couple of years ago.  One of her most outstanding contributions is her supervision of Deviant,  a club night and podcast series focusing on nonconformist sounds, and  the development and exploration of DJing as an art form.

As  a DJ she binds the old world with hints of the future, blending  entrancing hooks from various genres with fragments of anger and  fatigue. Achieving an almost storytelling quality with her sets, each is  an uniquely introspective and occult journey, playing with and  empowering the audience at the same time.

In  the last 2 years she became a recurring presence in Prague’s music  scene, and started gaining international respect via meticulously  constructed recordings contributed to various online outlets. In 2020  she joined the Planeta Za collective as a resident DJ and club  programmer.


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