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Little Friday w/ fleika + Marie Pravda

fleika Marie Pravda

Little Friday w/ fleika + Marie Pravda
Little Friday w/ fleika + Marie Pravda

07. 5. 2024 20:00

Praha 7, Letná, 170 00 Praha 7, Czechia

fleika’s trip through the blooming nightlife imbued his craft with intuition and technical precision. His sets are a humble display of his ability to hijack the mind of a listener. He likes his dancefloor quiet. No cheers, no chants, just a stomping crowd, locked in their own heads. The Ankali resident digs anything that kicks, melts or makes one’s mind trip, but mainly thrives on diving into the vast depths of hypnotic and psychedelic techno – as deep as it gets.

Marie Pravda’s involvement with the night life began behind the bar of Metro club in Olomouc, but as she grew weary of the bar's routine, she relocated to the DJ booth in 2016, then discovering her passion for seeking new music. Marie Pravda is a resident at Radio Punctum, throws irregular parties Planeta Pravda at Planeta Za, and recently, she has started playing regularly at Panorama bar/Berghain DJ booth.

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