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Night Shift

Dj Void

Night Shift
Night Shift

30. 9. 2022 20:00

Praha 7, Letenské sady Praha 7, 170 00 Praha 7, Česko

Elias aka DJ Void is a young producer and selector, born in 1991 in Western Austria. Started playing drums at the age of 7 and played out in several bands. Void caught attention of the Viennese scene when he moved to Vienna in 2009 and turned to electronic music. Collecting records and djing since ever he helped shaping the city’s underground scene with parties like Malen Nach Zahlen and X-Fact. Void established his unique house sound with his first release in 2020 for Binarysound and a lil later on Magic Carpet Records. He is also co-founder of Vie.w Records (Vienna World Wide), which he started in 2020 with Apua & Stipo. His second upcoming label with one of his main honchos Virgilio is Private Lane Rec. Forthcoming in summer 2022 with tunes from Noiro and himself.

From house to techno to ambiental-fields. Void takes you on a journey!



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