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Night Shift w/ SJ Yellow + TMK

SJ Yellow TMK

Night Shift w/ SJ Yellow + TMK
Night Shift w/ SJ Yellow + TMK

04. 5. 2024 21:00

Praha 7, Letná, 170 00 Praha 7, Czechia

SJ yellow /SK/ is fresh wind on a Prague electronic music scene. She embodies the right youthful energy behind the mix and beyond. From mixing frantic BPM to organizing own events (noRemorse and Duracell) in the most prestigious clubs in Prague. She is a resident of Prague club Fuchs2.

Before her appearance on electronic scene she was a professional dancer. She grew up on hip-hop, RnB and funk, and this influence can definitely be felt in her sets. Interested in fast-paced music, her joyful bangers, and flawless transitions are guaranteed to get you moving.

TMK started his music journey in his early teens as a bass player, then gradually moved to more electronic sound. Brought up by the freeparty community in Prague, where he experienced his first steps both as a dj as well as live performer. His selection is focused on the darker sound of bass music, breaks, electro and techno. He is part of noRemorse collective focused on faster and ravey electronic music as well as Duracell club/podcast series based around more experimental sound.

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